About Us

The Center for Pelvic Pain at Annapolis is a local and regional center for women seeking evaluation and treatment for pelvic pain that has been difficult to treat. The Center for Pelvic Pain can coordinate care through multiple specialties and can provide specialized medical and surgical techniques not available elsewhere. We work closely with a network of specialists including general surgeons, peripheral nerve surgeons, urogynecologists, physical therapists, gastroenterologists, urologists, interventional radiologists and pain management physicians to coordinate and manage your chronic pain issues. Most importantly, we view the treatment of chronic pelvic pain and chronic vulvar disorders as a collaboration between the patient and their provider.

We find that chronic pain can have more than one cause. For example, a woman with endometriosis or scar tissue from surgery may develop muscle tightness and bowel problems as well as poor sleep patterns and depressed mood. Some or all of these problems may need attention before health is restored. We try to get as complete a picture as possible of all the parts to a person’s problem, including the way it impacts your family, relationships, job, and lifestyle.

Additional Staff:

Gwen has worked beside Dr. Marvel for over a decade. She is the go-to person for many of our patients’ needs. She is our smiling face that greets patients as they enter our office. She is also there to help guide our patients through their necessary paperwork. Jennifer is our valued medical assistant. She meets with the patients before they are seen by the clinician and assists in the exam room. She is also specially trained to perform procedures such as QST testing and bladder instillations.

About Privia Women’s Health

We’re proud members of Privia Women’s Health where we give caring for women the prominence it deserves.

We take a thoroughly modern and holistic approach to women’s health. We know what women, and their bodies, have to go through and we make sure every woman gets the individual care she needs.

Privia Women’s Health makes it easy for you to make your health a priority. We provide some of the latest advances in medicine, including innovative technologies, personalized care and a patient-centered approach to make sure every woman receives the individual care she needs.

Your health is your journey and no matter where you are, we’re here to help. Privia Women’s Health provides numerous benefits, including:

Radical Convenience

  • Same-day/next-day appointments
  • Care reminders and alerts
  • Connections with your providers between visits
  • Broad range of services and a full staff of specialists

Convenient Technology

  • Schedule appointments and renew prescriptions online
  • Send and receive secure messages with your care team
  • Pay your bill and view your bill history
  • Access lab results
  • Check in for appointments in advance
  • Receive reminders for important or overdue tests

State-of-the-Art Security and Privacy

We go to extreme lengths to ensure our patients’ information remains confidential and secure.

Not only is our team trained in modern privacy standards (such as HIPAA and PCI compliance), but we also use numerous measures to keep your information safe, including Secure Socket Layer (SSL) data encryption, firewalls and secure servers (including 24/7 surveillance and biometric access).